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The primary role of groups is the arrangement of record screen. But they can also be used for new rules and edit rules definitions.

Type of groups

There are two types of groups in InstaDB:

  • columns groups are used to organize record columns into sections and columns;

  • vtable groups display records form a table or view with a reference to the displayed record.

If no group is specified, all table columns are organized in one anonymous group in the order defined in the columns section of the table schema. Any modification in the groups section overwrite this.

Sample groups

Columns groups

Columns group is defined by name (and optional title) and content, which is a list of columns to be displayed in it.

There is only one parameter associated with every position in the content list: "right". If it is checked, the column will be displayed on the right side of the group. Otherwise it will be displayed on left. But if no column in the group has the "right" parameter checked, all columns will be centered.

Except arranging columns on left and right sides groups also determine the vertical order of columns. The order is the same as the order on the group content list, separately for columns with "right" parameter switched on and off.

Definition of a columns group

Vtable groups

Definition of vtable group includes names and optional title and content. Content is described by a vtable (table or view) with a reference to the current table, the key (the reference field taken into account, as a vtable may have more than one reference field to a single table) and the edit mode.

There are three edit modes available for the vtable group:

  • Full edit - all the editable columns of the records in the group can be edited directly in the group; edition includes the removal of the records.

  • Add with remove - edition of the records columns is not allowed, but the removal is still possible.

  • Only add - edition and removal of records is disabled in the vtable group.

Normally new records of the nested table can be added in all of the mentioned modes, as the "Add" button is enabled. To disable it you need to set the group from edit to view mode, what can be accomplished by usage of edit rules.

Columns, applied filters and order of records in a vtable group is determined by these parameters set in the source table/view.

Definition of a vtable group