Do you need a simple solution for collecting data from many users? A poll or a ticketing system? Or maybe something more advanced?
InstaForm is a multipurpose form system you may easily deploy.

Build your own data collecting form for your web page in 5 easy steps:

1. Register to InstaDB

Click this link to register. Only your email (as login) and name are required.

2. Create your form

Define names and data types for as many form fields as you need. You don't need to code!

3. Get your form's data

Get an URL address to sent to selected users or a PHP code to paste on your web page.

4. Publish your form

The access to your form may be restricted to selected users or open for everyone.

5. Analyze or process

You can filter and sort your data, generate pivot reports or even build a workflows for every form record.

Sample form:

Job Application

Sample form:

Car Rental

Sample form:

Order (advanced)

Sample form:

Order (simple)

Sample form:

Holiday Request

Sample form:

Workshop Satisfaction Feedback

Sample form:

Newsletter Subscription

What can I do with InstaForms?

With InstaForms you can create a wide range of unique forms: form simple polls to advanced multi-table questionnaires.

There are two ways of making a form accessible:

In both cases form access may be:

  • restricted to invited users only,

  • open for every one.

No matter how you collect data. The back-end is always provided by InstaDB with it's all functionalities.