InstaDB platform frequently asked questions

Is InstaDB really free of charge?

Yes, to some extent. Basically, it is free for databases which do not exceed the limit of 5 users. There are also some features (like extensions) which are accessible in payable business plans only.

But you can still build myriads of useful apps for free and use them with no cost.

Is it still under development? Do you plan any new features?

InstaDB is a project with quite long history. It has started in 2009 as a simple tool for helping developers achieve their goals quickly. In 2012, we started to offer products made with InstaDB to our customers. Right now, the platform is a fully-matured product.

However it evolves constantly. We have big plans and a long list of cool features on our road map.

Can I extend the functionalities of InstaDB?

If you can use PHP and/or JavaScript, then – yes, you can. But remember that custom extensions cannot be used in a free business plan.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes, it works.

How long has InstaDB been on the market?

The project started as a tool for internal use only in 2009. In 2012 we started to offer the first products made with InstaDB to our customers. In 2017 we decided to start marketing the platform as a tool for developers.

Can I change the interface, layout and so on?

It can be done with JavaScript extensions. You can also write your own web interface and attach it to InstaDB (which serves as a back-end in this model). Both options are accessible using payable business plans.

May I install InstaDB on my own server?

Yes. Some business customers choose this option. Conditions of cooperation in this model are always negotiated individually. If you are interested in it, contact us.

Can I integrate my InstaDB database with other systems?

It can be done with PHP and JavaScript extensions, which are accessible to payable business plans.

InstaDB is just for small, home brewed projects, right?

No, it isn't. We have a few customers successfully using InstaDB with more than 1k users.

Are there any business deployments of InstaDB?

Yes, they are. We have successfully deployed InstaDB-based solutions in many companies, starting from small solutions to really huge systems.

What technology is under the hood?

Standard InstaDB edition uses MySQL as a database engine and nginx as a HTTP server. But the core of InstaDB is created with the NianioLang programming language.

The MS SharePoint InstaDB edition uses Microsoft solution stack technologies: MS SQL Server and ISS.

Please read our specification page for more technical details.