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InstaDB Manager

InstaDB Manager is the first part of the platform you see after log in. At this page you can not only enter an application but (if you are an administrator) change it's setting, invite other users or remove it.


InstaDB Manager presents the list of all databases, which are accessible for you. If you have an administrator privileges in an application, then it's sharing option is turned of.

Except the list of applications the Manager let you to:

  • Add a predefined application,

  • Create your own application,

  • Edit profile.

InstaDB Manager's main screen

User profile

User profile section is let you to enter your first and last name, choose the interface language and the Manager view.

The advanced view is more compact and provides more information about instances/databases. Most of users prefer the simple view, but the advanced one is useful when you have a really big number of databases.

Profile's edition

Instance settings

The settings tool on the right is available for every user, but most of the options is available for an administrator only.

Every user may use these options:

  • Show basic information. It displays the information screen. Presented data is more expanded if you are an admin.

  • Change name of application. The change of the name affect only the name you see, do not affect the names under which other users see the application.

  • Delete access. The option disconnect you from the application. The application is still accessible for other users.

An administrator may also use the following options:

  • Change version of instadb.com. When you create an InstaDB instance/database, current stable engine is used. After some time it may become outdated (or you may want to test unstable version), so this option let you to upgrade. Note that the downgrade is not always possible!

  • Change application's owner. The option is visible for the database owner. By default the creator of an application become it's owner. This option let to transfer ownership to one of other administrators. While a database may have many admins, owner is only one. Only the owner may use this option.

  • Delete application is another option available only for owner. To remove an application, all other users must be removed first.

  • Show users and invitations display the list of all users of the application. For details check the sharing section of this documentation.

  • Invite user let to add a new user to the application (see sharing section for details).

  • Invite group of users. This option let you to invite multiple users at once. Note that this option works only for the users who already have an account on the InstaDB!

  • Export list of users as CSV let to obtain a CSV list of users logins and IDs of the application.

Application settings