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Roles can be considered as attributes, which can be assigned to a users. They are used in workflows, new rules, edit rules, access control and row access control to limit user actions.

This part of documentation covers only the management of set of roles.

Roles management

At the level of the "Roles" section Schema Editor role is nothing more than just a name. Name is the only parameter set when a new role is created. All the logic behind the roles needs to be implemented in appropriate schema section. The below list presents all the schema parts, where roles can be used:

You can add as many roles as you need. A single user may have any set of roles. The set can even be empty, when a user has no role assigned. This is what happens when a new instance/database is created and roles are not yet defined.

Assignment of role can be done only by an administrator of the database in the sharing section of the application configuration in the InstaDB Manager.

List of roles