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What is InstaDB?

InstaDB is a low-level and low-code database development platform.

Low-level means that it is not focused on fancy features used only in very limited cases. Instead, it gives you the tools to quickly and easily build the database you need. All the built-in tools are as generic-yet-useful as possible to let you use them in a vast range of different situations.

Low-code means that you usually don't need to hand code to build a database. But, of course, we know the value of hand written code and give you an option to use SQL or attach PHP and JavaScript plugins.

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What can I use it for?

InstaDB is successfully used in a wide range of projects, starting from simple one table registers, to really huge ERP solutions with more than 100 tables and twice as many views.

Among tools created with InstaDB are:
  • Registers
  • Workflows
  • CRM systems
  • Intranet solutions
  • ERP platforms
  • Project managment tools
  • BI databases
  • Many other tools for individual and specific purposes

Examples of uses:

Sales forces outsourcing ERP

>10.000 logged users on daily basis

Insta.Ling learning platform

used regularly by 60.000 students

Post management system

used by more than 1.5k users

Hundreds of everyday use applications

developed by many of our customers


Save time

You can learn the basics of development in several minutes with the video tutorial.

Test your new ideas quickly without wasting your precious time on coding.

Transform your prototypes into business databases with ease.

Develop mature custom databases in hours or days instead of weeks or months.

Why is InstaDB so good?

InstaDB was initially created as an internal tool for accelerating and facilitating the development of big and complex projects. It has been extensively tested on real-life projects. It is stable and robust, easily extendable and efficient. It is designed to be versatile, so can be used in a vast range of applications.

Low-code development

Usually you don't need to hand-code to create your databases.

Workflow/process tools built–in

Simple to design, easy to analyze – full workflow in single table.

Full access control provided

Define roles and permissions, Active Directory / LDAP friendly.

Declarative approach

Just specify what you want to do. InstaDB cares about the user interface. And yes, it is responsive out of the box.

Maintenance tools and development facilities

Auto change tracking, full and partial backups, app cloning...

Set of well-designed built-in user interface tools

Filters, sorters, pivots... Check the full feature list.

What do our clients say about InstaDB?

The usage of the platform is simple and intuitive. We were able to establish and develop a dedicated application by ourselves, without the need of engaging any IT specialists.

We are fully satisfied with the InstaDB platform provided by Atinea Sp. z o. o. and anticipate to use it in the future works. We believe that the platform is an excellent choice for everyone who needs an advanced but simple dedicated database system.

Lena Svensson
Group Leader, Associate Professor at Lund University

The InstaDB platform is a stable and reliable solution on which we can build our administration.

Łukasz Karasek
IT Director at Vestor Dom Maklerski S.A.

Atinea has deployed the InstaDB system at our company. It covers the complaints workflow. The workflow has been fully adapted to the Łucz-Bud procedures and keeps its high standards as delivered by the InstaBD platform.

Krzysztof Mizera
Vice President of P.H.U.B "Łucz-Bud" Sp. z o.o.

Our group successfully launched a customized database using InstaDB platform. We have implemented a database of antibodies, plasmids, siRNA, protocols and other resources used in the laboratory on a daily basis. The whole process of development was performed by a scientist without an IT background, what proves that the InstaDB platform is easy and intuitive.

We are deeply satisfied with the application built on the InstaDB platform. As scientists we must use tools which are reliable and efficient. InstaDB is definitely one of those tools.

Anna Hupalowska
Lab Manager at Professor Magdalena Zernicka-Goetz Group,
University of Cambridge

The Teatr Wielki - Polish National Opera has used the InstaDB platform of Atinea Sp. z o.o. since 2013. The applications implemented by Atinea are electrical equipment record system, computer hardware inventory system, room registration system and library management system.

All the above solutions have been implemented very carefully and according to the specific needs of different organizational units of The Teatr Wielki. It is worthwhile to emphasize that the InstaDB platform allows us to create our own applications and our IT department uses it for creating new modules for our own custom needs.

Krzysztof Płatek
Deputy Director for Administration, The Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera

A&J Vacuum Services is a trusted worldwide leader in sales and service of high vacuum equipment. With over a decade of experience, A&J Vacuum Services is fully dedicated to the highest quality of customer satisfaction. Atinea has designed, implemented and deployed our workflow system using InstaDB technology. The system covers all key processes, providing functionalities of CRM, WMS and PTS.

Artur Stencel
President of A&J Vacuum Services, Inc.

Atinea has deployed the InstaDB system since 2015. It covers document workflow, archive and task management. The system has been implemented according to our directives – reflecting and enhancing our work with paper documents. The system works in Atinea's cloud and is under constant supervision of the company.

The implemented solution has greatly influenced the work of our entire team, noticeably improving the efficiency of our staff and reducing the number of problems. The system works well and we are pleased with the quality of hosting and technical support offered.

Iwona Majek
President's Legal Representative at Alpha Dam Sp. z o.o.

How much does it cost?

InstaDB is free for developers and for small business. You can test it for free. You can develop any number of databases for free. You can even make your small business customers pay you for using InstaDB. Payment for larger customers is based on the number of users and the use of optional extensions.

Also, for the most demanding customers we offer professional services of qualified InstaDB developers. The hourly rate depends on the contract's length. Contact us for details.

Less than 5 users
and no extensions

Free forever

More than 5 users
+ additional extensions

See the pricing