Make responsive
database applications
in less than 15 minutes!

What is InstaDB?

Low-code development

Usually you don't need to hand-code at all to get results.

Workflow/process tools built–in

Simple to design, easy to analyze. Full workflow in single table.

Full access control provided

Define roles and permissions Active Directory / LDAP friendly.

Automatic layout
Pivots builder
Automatic tracking of changes
Powerful filters out of the box
Secure import from spreadsheets
Built-in export to spreadsheets
Easy data sharing
Multi-record edit mode
Multilevel sorting
Easy column management

Declarative approach

Just specify what to do, InstaDB cares about how user interface. And yes, it is responsive out of the box.

Maintenance tools and development facilities

Auto change tracking, apps cloning...

Set of well designed built-in user interface tools

Filters, sorters, pivots... Check the full feature list.

Learn how to use it

15 minutes tutorial

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Why should I use InstaDB?

It saves your time

  • You can learn basics of development in several minutes with the video tutorial
  • You can develop matured custom applications in hours or days instead of weeks or months
  • You can test your new ideas quickly without wasting your time on coding
  • You can transform your prototypes to business applications with ease

It is designed for business solutions

  • InstaDB apps works as CRMs, ERPs, project managements solutions and many more
  • It's power has been proved with real business systems with >10k users daily
  • You can integrate with other business solutions
  • It can be easy extended to fit your needs (PHP and JavaScript supported)

How much does it cost?

InstaDB is free for developers and for small business. You can test it for free. You can develop any number of application for free. You can even make your small business customers pay you for using InstaDB.

As long as the number of users of single instance does not exceed 5 and you don't need any extensions, InstaDB completely free of charge. If you wish to add more users, you need to choose from our business models.

What can be built with InstaDB

InstaDB was successfully used in wide range of projects, starting from simple one table registers, to really huge ERPs with more than 100 tables and twice as much views.

Among tools created with InstaDB are workflows, CRMs, intranet solutions, ERPs, project managements, BI databases, actuary tools and many others built for individual (sometimes very specific) purposes.

Here we'll mention only two cases: ERP system for sales forces outsourcing company, used by 10.000 users on a daily basis and learning platform InstaLing used regularly by 60.000 students.

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